The T.V dinner is 65 years old this year. Look how far we have come. There are so many choices now. Remember when there were only a few T.V dinners to choose from?

It is said that the Frozen dinner came about as an answer to a problem, Swanson apparently had a surplus of turkeys and they didn't know what else do with them. Thus the frozen dinner came to be.

The American Frozen Food Institute says we eat about 72 frozen meals a year. What I love about frozen food is you can take some of it out of the freezer and what you don't use you can put it back in. I can not live without frozen spinach, frozen red and yellow peppers for stirfry. As far frozen T.V dinners I love Stouffers. Besides the vegetables, also love frozen fruit and  Pizza.

I may experiment a little and see what other frozen foods taste good.