Have you ever seen Grand Junction and Whitewater from the vantage point of Mesa Point? For that matter, where is Mesa Point? Take a look at the valley from a new perspective.

What exactly is Mesa Point? This moniker refers to the point on the Delta side of the Grand Mesa where you'll see a number of radio transmitters and cell towers. It's hard to spot, but if you keep your eyes open when driving to Delta, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the towers.

When making the drive from Grand Junction to Delta, the turnoff to Mesa Point is found just across the street from the famous "lone tree" on the south side of the highway. Upon making the turn, you proceed north and wind your way about halfway up the south side of the Grand Mesa.

Travel time for this adventure = roughly 45minutes. About 15 of those minutes are spent traveling from Grand Junction to the point where you turn, the other 30 minutes are spent getting up the hill.

This is no quaint little Sunday drive. The dirt road heading up to Mesa Point is nothing short of an absolute catastrophe. Many a tire has been destroyed on this trek. For that matter, more than a few vehicles have met their maker on this road.

Considering how few people make the drive to Mesa Point, it's safe to say most will never see the view from this location. In order to save you a set of tires and roughly $4,000 worth of damage to your vehicle, we proudly present these photos taken from the transmitter site on Mesa Point. Enjoy.

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