Sears at the Mesa Mall in Grand Junction announced they will be closing in the near future. In the meantime, the signs suggest huge savings throughout the store. What deals will you find?

I made my way to Sears yesterday (Wednesday, September 12) to take a look. I haven't set foot in the store for years. The mall entrance is adorned with 10% - 40% off signs. In addition, shoppers are greeted with "Now Hiring" signs.

Immediately upon entering, one finds themselves in the ladies department. Racks display signs stating "30% off lowest ticketed price."

sears sales
Waylon Jordan

Since I have no real interest in ladies wear, despite what people say about me, I made my way over to the very manly tool and appliance departments. Once there, merchandise boasted signs showing huge markdowns, some in the hundreds of dollars.

Saving 30% on a blouse is one thing. Saving $300 to $400 on a wash or dryer is something else. If you're a homeowner, an opportunity like this might just be what the doctor ordered. While the deals are great, the selection is getting a little thin.

Items such as vacuum cleaners, mattresses, and tools, are all marked down as well. To be perfectly honest, I don't know the degree to which merchandise is marked up before they apply the markdowns. For all I know, the markdowns bring you right back to the original price you would have been offered if the store wasn't closing.

My impression - if you're looking for big-ticket items, this sale represents a great opportunity. Smaller items, not so much. The discount is almost nullified by the limited selection.

I really hate to see this store close. One relative and a very good friend both made careers out of this store. I've purchased several appliances and furnishing from the Mesa Mall Sears. Things change, I guess.

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