Are you looking for a new name to name your baby? Most parents do not want to call their child a name that everyone else has. So, many parents are thinking outside the box for names.

Some may be a little out there. But hey I am not judging. I don't know however if I would name my child La-Uh, You pronounce this name La Dash uh, Have I confused you yet? My friend name her kid that, what was she thinking?
Why on heavens earth would a parent name their child anonymous? Yes, it is true a child is named anonymous. I hope the child does not grow up with difficulties. Oh, and one guy told me about his neighbor who had named their son Ninja, yes for real.

This one isn't too, far-fetched but one listener of mine had named their daughter Whiskey. My niece has eight kids, and there are a couple with some cool names, Stryker, Walker, Haven,Laken and Jaden.
What are some more unusual names?

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