According to the Social Security Department, these names have been on the decline but could make a comeback. If you are looking for a different name that you don't hear every day here is a list of popular names from long ago:

In 1890, the top three baby names for males were John, William, and James; the three female names were Mary, Anna, and Elizabeth.

In 1930, the top three male names were Robert, James, and John the top three female names were Mary, Betty, and Dorothy

Betty: It has been on a steady decline since 1940.

Ethel: Now here is a name you do not hear every day you could call her ET for short.

Tammy:  was Very popular in the 1960's but you do not often hear that name

Mildred: You could call her Millie for short.

Edna: another name you do not hear often

Gladys: was a popular name in the 1920's.

Florence:  very popular in the 1930's

Bertha: In the 1880s, this name was the 8th-most-popular female name for the entire decade and then took a slow downturn.

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