If you've been to Mesa Mall lately, you may have seen construction on what appears to be weird high-tech gas pumps. Before you think about fueling up, you'll need to know those pumps won't fuel your car -- unless it's electric.

Photo, David Becker/Getty Images
Photo, Ed Chandler

More specifically, the Tesla Electric Car. According to KREX-TV, this is the third Tesla Supercharger station to be constructed in Colorado. The other two Supercharger stations are in Silverthorne and Glenwood Springs.

The super charger stations are designed for the Tesla Model S electric car.

The charging stations are designed to recharge the battery 80% in about 40 minutes or give the vehicle a full charge in about 75 minutes. There is no cost to the car's owner to use a Supercharger station.

Tesla says the stations are being built so that car owners are within a short walking distance of restaurants and shopping, making Grand Junction's Mesa Mall the perfect spot for a charging station.

While there are no registered Tesla owners in Mesa County and the nearest dealer is in Lone Tree (southwest Denver), Tesla believes drivers of its model S vehicles traveling across the country will want to use the Grand Junction charging station. So, next time you're at the mall it wouldn't hurt to check out the charging station just south of Cabela's to see if a Tesla is getting a recharge.

Map of Open Tesla Supercharger Station

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