Trying to bring a new helpful and caring trend to Grand Junction.

What started out in Seymour, Indiana has made it's way here to Grand Junction. Well, at least it made it to me. I decided to see if I could start this here. Simply bought 5 scarves and hung them on a tree at Lincoln Park with a note that said

'Please take one if you are cold and in need.'

A few caring people, with some knitting skills, decided to do what they could to help. The group began placing homemade, store bought new and/or slightly used scarves around trees for the homeless in the area.

The scarves are free to anyone who needs them. Some reports say that gloves and mittens have been included as well as the scarves.


Less than 24 hours later all five scarves were gone. I sure hope they wound up where they were supposed to.


As we all know, homelessness is a major issue in Grand Junction.

Is this something you would be glad to get behind here in Grand Junction? Or do you feel it just adds to the issue?