Western Colorado has yet another phone scam, and while they're all crummy, this one is particularly despicable. Not only could it compromise your security, it may very well send you into a state of distress.

For the latest in a long stream of Grand Valley area phone scams, victims are contacted and informed that a relative has been in an auto accident. The caller then asks for your information.

Oddly, when you ask the caller which relative was in the accident, they suddenly go silent. For some strange reason, they are unable or unwilling to provide that information. Put simply... IT'S A SCAM!

During recent calls, the following phone number has come up on caller ID:


Keep your eyes open for that phone number. In any event, the Colorado State Patrol suggests you always follow these precautions:

  • Do not give the caller your information
  • Ask for the caller's agency
  • Ask the caller for their name and employee number
  • Ask for the caller's agency number
  • Tell the caller you are going to call back on that number to verify they are who they say they are
  • Go to the Internet or phone book to find an agency phone number and call that number
  • Call another local agency and ask for them to transfer you to the other agency.

Here in Western Colorado, phone scams abound. Please stay alert. Agencies like the IRS will NEVER call you. They send letters, or worse, dispatch some guy to your door.

This new scam is the scummiest of the bunch. Most threaten you with fines or say you are behind on taxes. The very thought of someone calling you and claiming a family member has been in an accident is nothing short of disgusting. Be alert!

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