I often find myself wondering how do you say that and where did that from? I did some digging and he's a few Western Colorado town names and what they mean.

  • Palisade

    Palisade is named after a geographical feature. I had no idea Palisades = steep, perpendicular cliffs. The Palisades are similar cliffs in New Jersey.

  • Delta

    Delta is simply named after the river delta it sits on. This delta is where the Uncompahgre River runs into the Gunnison River.

  • Grand Junction

    The "Grand" in Grand Junction comes from the old name of the Colorado River, the Grand River. "Junction" is from the intersection of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers.

  • Fruita

    "Fruita" is the Spanish word for fruit. Fruita This area began squeezing the fruit out, in the name of economics!

  • Durango

    This city was named after an old governor's favorite place -- Durango, Mexico. He liked what he saw, so he named his city after the place.

  • Clifton

    Another town, another geographical feature. Clifton is named after the steep Bookcliffs.

  • Loma

    In Colorado, we've got big hills, small hills and everything in between. "Loma" is Spanish for small hills.

  • De Beque

    I struggle to say this town name every time! It's named after the man who was looking for the optimum Ranch location, Dr. W.A.E. De Beque.

  • Montrose

    This city was originally Ouray Junction. Then it was named after Sammy Hagar's band, Montrose. (Just kidding.) It was actually renamed after Sir Walter Scott's "The Legend of Montrose."

  • Rifle

    Rifle is named after Rifle Creek. Rifle Creek was named after a soldier's rifle that was found on the bed of the creek.

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