Parachute is getting Colorado's first drive-through marijuana shop.

According to a report from KOAA News 5, the town of Parachute has gotten the OK to go ahead with this business idea.

Tumbleweed Express had applied for a business license for a drive-through pot shop and the Parachute Board of Trustees said yes. That wasn't the only permission they had to get, however. It also had to go through and get approval from the state of Colorado's Marijuana Enforcement Division. Tumbleweed received that green light as well. With some restrictions, of course.

  • no one under 21 years of age on the property
  • security and surveillance for the entire premise
  • marijuana can not be visible from outside the building

Seems like a fair trade for what town manager Stuart McArthur states are around $1 million in annual sales tax revenue for the city.

Does anyone else feel like Grand Junction is going backward on this whole 'marijuana' issue? Parachute is getting a pot EXPRESS lane and yet Grand Junction is still driving slow in the left lane with its blinker on.

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