Eating clean is really just about knowing what ingredients go into your food, and trying to eliminate as many chemicals as possible. And that is exactly what my wife and I are trying to do, it’s can be difficult to find exactly what you need or want and it not to be packed with a bunch of additives that you don’t want. And trying to go out to eat can feel almost impossible. But there are some fresh and healthy options here in Western Colorado to choose from when you’re attempting to eat clean.

While I was working on the list of restaurants below I was thinking about all the trouble we have had trying to eat clean but we both have felt better since cutting out all the extra sugar and chemicals put into products to make them last longer. We are not “health nuts” we just want to live a healthier lifestyle and our old ways of Doritos and pizza on the couch weren’t working anymore.

But remember it’s a lifestyle change, not everything is going to happen overnight. So, if you are attempting to eat out and a server doesn’t know all the ingredients for a specific item, don’t get mad just do your best with the choices that you have.

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Okay, here are some tremendous options when trying to eat clean while going out to eat in Western Colorado:

List of Restaurants for Clean Eating in Western Colorado

With so many people attempting to eat clean as much as possible here is a list of tremendous restaurants to choose from that will help you eat clean while supporting local:

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