Have you noticed the changes taking place at the gym on the Redlands in Grand Junction? It's experiencing some growth, pun intended, and the results are plain to see.

Monument Fitness, located behind Garfield's Restaurant, just changed hands. The gym's original owner, Margaret Taylor, sold the business. Don't worry, though, she's still around.

Monument Fitness is now owned by Amber Hinkle and her husband, Craig Bird. Margaret will stay on board as a personal trainer and coach of the gym's bodybuilding and fitness teams.

The gym also added new equipment. In my mind, Monument Fitness is more of a "hard-core" gym. That's not so say it's exclusive to powerlifters and bodybuilders. Not at all. It's convenient Redlands location and 24-hour access makes it a valuable resource for anyone looking for a health club. That having been said, the gym features a wide variety of what would typically be called "commercial-heavy" grade equipment.

You may recall Margaret Taylor from the days of Ultimate Fitness. Margaret cranked out champions by the hundreds. I don't recall a time when Ultimate Fitness didn't bring home the team trophy from a competition. Eventually, Margaret opened Monument Fitness, and the tradition continued. The walls at the gym are covered with photos of her trainees walking away with trophies.

Big things are happening at Monument Fitness. Swing by and check out some of the new murals going up on the inside.

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