That's right, you can enjoy a Dilly Dilly at a Western Colorado restaurant in November. That's fine assuming you want a Dilly Dilly. Is it possible you already have one? Do I have one, and have I used it lately?

Assuming I don't already have one of these things, it's not entirely clear to me whether or not I want one. Are they legal? In what way will my life benefit by getting one? Is it something I can get rid of, or will it be permanent?

In my world, "Dilly Dilly" is part of the lyrics from the Burl Ives song "Lavender Blue." Do you remember Sam the Snowman at the beginning of the Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer TV special? Do you recall watching that clear back in the 1970s? Sam, voiced by Burl Ives, sang the tune. The lyrics went -

Lavender blue, dilly dilly... lavender green....

You can download the song for free from YouTube, so there's no need to spend two bucks on it. In this case, I believe Dilly Dilly has an entirely different meaning.

It's times like this we turn to the urban dictionary. So what is a Dilly Dilly, and where can I find it for $2?

According to USA Today, Bud Light manufactured the catchphrase "Dilly Dilly."

The phrase occurs in medieval-themed Bud Light ads, wherein townspeople are trying to get their hands on, you guessed it, Bud Light. In the commercials, presenting someone with a cold Bud Light often comes with a cheerful "Dilly Dilly" in return. - USA Today


Well, that explains it. Personally, I like the Burl Ives song better. In any case, you can enjoy a Dilly Dilly, which for our purposes here today is a 10-ounce Bud Light draft, for just $2 at participating Applebee's restaurants during the month of November.

My question: is $2 for a 10-ounce Bud Light really a good deal? Back when I was hanging around bars, I remember paying $1.50 for a draft beer. Okay, so that was 1993, and you probably weren't born yet.

Applebee's runs interesting drinks specials every month, so I'm guessing I'm just dated and $2 for a Bud Light draft is a good deal.

I called the Grand Junction Applebee's and they confirmed they are running this deal in November. Why not take advantage of this offer? Dilly Dilly.

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