For the first time since 2015, a resident of Mesa County has tested positive for the West Nile Virus, according to Mesa County Public Health.

A recent influx of what are known as Culex mosquitos has claimed its first human case in almost three years.

The Grand River Mosquito Control District monitors mosquito populations and they are concerned with this recent news.

Despite the fact that Mesa County has not seen any cases of West Nile in nearly three years, it is important to remember the disease is here and knowing where they breed and how to limit or eliminate the disease-carrying insect.

Around your home, remember to not leave standing water out where mosquitos can breed. Birdbaths, pet water bowls and other water holding items need to be emptied at least once per week.

Clean the areas around ponds, pools, etc to remove any areas of possible breeding for mosquitos. Also do not over water your lawn, as that is a perfect breeding ground for the annoying little insects.

Avoid, as much as possible, being bit by mosquitos by taking the proper precautions, such as using an EPA approved insect repellant, wearing long pants and shirts and try to avoid being outdoors and around areas where the mosquitos may be breeding.

By taking a few extra precautions, we can eliminate or at least greatly reduce the population of these disease-carrying insects.


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