You're not gonna believe what I found in the fridge at the radio station, and the crazy thing is, no one in our office has a baby. Check out the strange stuff in our refrigerator and share pics of what's in yours here!

I was looking for cream the other day, when I opened up the office fridge and found an assortment of oddities.

As you can see we have a variety of items that were named by staff members and of course the normal employee notes saying this is MY stuff (which never works.)

  • Bugger Lunch (I thought at first it said booger lunch - who would want that?!)
  • Roxi Power Juice (Nice name, but I don't drink things I'm on a first name basis with)
  • Mike's stuff (Which looks like it's missing and I didn't touch it, I swear...)
  • Is that a bottle of Veraison Vineyards Wine?!
  • And finally BREAST MILK?

All I can say is WTHeck? Why is there breast milk in our fridge when no one here has a baby?

Do you have something stranger in your office or home fridge? Share it with us!

Come to find out someone was stealing our cream and our front desk gal thought this would deter the thief! It worked on me!


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