Colorado, along with the rest of the contiguous United States, is in for a special treat here in a few days. When the very rare solar eclipse rolls around on August 21, which Country songs would you use for the accompanying soundtrack? These are my picks.

Have you decided on a place from which to view the eclipse? Keep in mind, there are several options and organized gatherings out there just for this event. Check out this brief inventory of needed items:

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Earth
  • Place from which to view
  • One pair protective eye wear

That's pretty much it. What could one do to make this phenomenon even better? Think of how lame the movie "Jaws" would have been without that amazing soundtrack. Luke Skywalker buzzing the Death Star wouldn't have been anywhere near as spectacular without John William's legendary score.

We need a Country music soundtrack to complete this event. In no particular order, this is my play list.

How did this next song make the list? Well, put simply, if Mother Nature cooperates, we have it made here in Colorado. Try to imagine a more ideal place from which to see the eclipse.

Last, but not least, and extraordinarily Country version of what could quite possible be the least "Country" tune of all time, Bonnie Tyler's #1 hit from 1983, "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

How did this tune make the list? How can you have an eclipse list without it? For your listening pleasure, here's Big AJ, and his stirring rendition of this timeless classic (not available in stores).

That's my list. I don't claim to have hit every tune, or for that matter, the best. These are simply my picks. Please share your Country "eclipse" favorites.

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