Now that we've finally figured out how to make seedless watermelons, the fruit should no longer be involved in any type of study.

Yes, we already know everything we need to know about the fruit, namely that 1) it's delicious, 2) it's annoying to cut and 3) you can get it without seeds to make it easier to eat.

Sadly, these inquisitive kids haven't learned all this yet, which is why they decided to wrap rubber bands around a watermelon. What did they hope to achieve? Who knows? What they did achieve was a messy kitchen when the fruit couldn't take the pressure and exploded. It looks like part of it flies into the chandelier above the table while other pieces hit each kid.

All of this, of course, begs a simple question that many people asked in the comments: why did they do this indoors? We wish we had an answer. Trying to figure out why kids do the things they do is an experiment that no one has even been able to successfully carry out.

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