What's the coolest thing you've ever seen when you wake up in the morning?

Some might say the new, fresh snow on the ground just makes their day, while others will tell you enjoying the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee is the best thing in life.

So imagine how the people who live in this house felt when they looked out their window, saw a dusting of fresh snow and elk.

Wait, elk?

Yes! The elk in this front yard chose this spot for their morning meeting, and the homeowners got to not only watch but film them as well.

They didn't seem to be a nuisance, although one near the front door may have been looking for a key so they could get in and warm up.

It's yet another reason why living in Colorado is so cool. You never know what you will wake up and see. Maybe one morning it will be elk, another morning you might see mountain lions or bears.

People in other states only ever get to watch these sorts of things. In Colorado, we live them. Daily.

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