Did you know about the various Traffic Volume Cameras located all over Grand Junction? You can stay up to the minute with traffic and weather from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

These are handy. A recent post on the Grand Junction Police Department Facebook page suggested many people might not be aware of these cameras.

Check out the photo below. This is what was taken at 8:49 this morning at the corner of 7th and North Avenue. Check out the Dairy Queen at left. I think that's my neighbor lady. It appears as though she just bought a Dilly Bar. Maybe not, it might be a cone, a chocolate cone I think. While this might not be Big Brother in action, it is kind of cool.

Grand Junction Camera 1

It was a little soggy this morning. Let's say our morning drive was going to take you from Orchard Mesa to the Riverside Parkway. Was it going to be slippery coming down the parkway to the intersection at I-70B and 25 Road? One-click of a button and BOOM!... you're in the know. As you can see from the photo captured at 8:55, roads were wet, but not too bad.

Grand Junction traffic 25 Road

Wow, nobody had any use for the intersection at 29 Road and Unaweep this morning. What's up with that? It does appear, judging by the sandwich board on the sidewalk, someone in the neighborhood is hosting a yard sale sometime in the near future. The two images were taken from the same angle 15 minutes apart.

29 Road and Unaweep in Grand Junction

These cameras could really come in handy. You can get frequently-updated views of several intersections including:

  • 12th and Grand
  • 1st and North
  • 12th and North
  • 29 and D Road
  • 7th and Patterson
  • 29 Road Overpass
  • 1st and Grand
  • 7th and Main
  • 29 Road and North
  • 24 and Patterson
  • 29 and Patterson

While we rarely have severe weather in the valley and don't typically experience traffic jams, there are many ways these camera views could be handy. I do occasionally run into traffic congestion in the morning when school buses are running. Perhaps a quick click on the computer, and I can plan accordingly.

Put this information to use. You can access the cameras anytime at the City of Grand Junction's official webpage. On the main page, you'll see a menu for "Popular Links." Simply click on the "Traffic Volume Cameras" link, and you're all set.

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