One of the cool acts you might have missed at this year's Mesa County Fair was Special Head.

A lot of people watched Special Head perform his levitating act on the NBC television show 'America's Got Talent.' He may not have won a million dollars and headlined a Las Vegas show, but he's making a living traveling around the country performing "levitation."

With no stage and a handful of props, Special Head performed several times a day at the Mesa County Fair, and there's no question the kids absolutely loved it. Whether or not they figured out the "secret" to the trick is up for question. But, that's the wonder of being a kid.  You don't have to figure everything out to be happy. You can watch, wonder, and be amazed - and leave it at that.

There's probably a little bit of kid in all of us. I love acts of magic and illusion, and I love trying to figure things out. However, the fact is, I'm actually at my happiest when I'm stumped and can't figure out how the trick is done. If that is true, in regards to Special Head, I would have to say my happiness level is pretty low.

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