Along with the wave and Jumbotron proposals, the kiss cam may be the most overdone cliche in sports, which makes this all the more refreshing.

During Wednesday's Game 5 of the Atlanta Hawks-Washington Wizards playoff series in Atlanta, the kiss cam was doing its thing when it happened upon a couple who happily obliged and puckered up.

While they smooched, the woman lost control of her beer and spilled it right on the people in the row in front of them.

If it was an accident, then hopefully they apologized, offered to pay the cleaning bill and smoothed things over. If it was intentional, then you can bet the beer-soaked couple did something to tick them off. But what? Loudly root for Washington? Spend the whole game talking about china patterns? Stand up the whole time to block their view? Anything we can think of seems like a bit of a stretch, so this will probably remain a mystery, kind of like trying to remember the last time the Hawks were this good.

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