You've heard of players being hot, but not quite like this.

Linus Omark set his stick on fire during the shootout competition at Russia's KHL All-Star Game Skills Competition this past Saturday.

His shot -- ahem -- flamed out and went nowhere close to netting a score, but, really, who cares? You've gotta give Omark tons of credit for pulling off the stunt. Players and fans alike loved the move and, hey, if he burned himself, he could just stop, drop and roll right there on the ice.

Ad for the light bulb moment that led to the fire stick, Omark said, "It was an idea of my teammate, Vladimir Denisov. He gave me his stick. It was all really hot. I never seen such a fire on a stick. Scoring would have been very hard, so it’s not too bad that I didn’t score. At least I tried."

He sure did. The heat was on and, even if he didn't deliver, it made for some great drama.

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