They could have just went on with their business and let nature take its course. Fortunately, they didn't and decided to help a young horse stuck in the middle of a frozen pond.

I was unable to confirm where this happened, but I can confirm the story. A family was on their way to a store when they noticed something was wrong in the middle of a nearby pond. A young horse wasn't moving. This is what happened next.

How fortunate that these people saw this horse in time. Hypothermia is a real danger to horses just like it is to people. It doesn't take more than a few minutes in frozen water for bad things to begin to happen.

The comments on YouTube for the video share ranged from the typical thank you heroes...

I love people who rescue animals.

But, comedians were also present and accounted for...

Horse was just trying to cool off. Humans have to ruin it...

Gotta love the internet. As for me, I appreciate those that take the time to do the heroic thing instead of just going on with their lives. More of this, please.

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