If you have an animal such as a cow or horse, pigs, sheep goats or llamas and it is sick Colorado Officials are urging you to report the sick animal to the Department of Agriculture.

 The State Department of Agriculture has confirmed cases of the virus vesicular stomatitis. This virus includes salivation, lesions, lack of appetite and lameness.

According to the Colorado Department of Agriculture website, you must report an animals sickness upon suspicion of the disease. If you suspect your animal may be sick please call VSV at (303)869-9130 to report suspicion of disease. If you need additional information on Vesicular Stomatitis log onto the Colorado Department of Agriculture website.

Humans are rarely affected by the virus but in rare cases. Other animals besides horses and cows that can be affected by Vesicular Stomatitis include pigs, sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas. If you think your animal may be at risk call 303 869 9130