What would you do if you saw a woman breastfeeding while have a couple beers?

Recently, woman has two alcoholic drinks over the course of an hour and a half in a restaurant. Not a big deal right? Then she decides to breast feed her 8 month old baby. The next thing you know, she is arrested and throw in jail and a off duty waitress is fired. Whoa.

Here's a little back story. Tasha Adams from Toad Suck, Ark. and her family went to the funeral of a family friend in nearby Conway, Ark. After the funeral they stopped a restaurant and had pizza, spinach dip and a few beers.

Then Jackie Conners, a waitress came to work early for an after hours meeting. She noticed the table and that they were getting a loud. She also noticed the baby getting fussy and saw Adams starting to breast feed the baby.

And according to Conners, Adams was breast feeding but wasn't drinking at that time. Conners was concerned for the well being of the infant so she asked her managers to cut off the alcohol drinking breast feeding mom. But management had already decided not to cut her off.

Conners, herself a mom, still bothered by what she saw called her own mom for advice. Then she called the police.

According to Adams when the police showed up they said, ‘Ma’am, we’ve got a report that you were drinking alcohol while breastfeeding,’” Adams recalled. “I said, ‘OK, I didn’t know that was illegal.’”

Drinking while breast feeding isn't illegal. But she did admit to drinking a few beers. So the police made a judgement call and she was arrested and taken to jail for endangering the welfare of a child. She's wasn't given a breathalyzer so it's not known what her blood alcohol content was.

Conners, the whistle blowing off duty waitress was fired the same week she called the police.

Adams, the breast feeding beer drink mom, was taken to jail but later had all the charges dropped by the duty city attorney for Conway, Ark. because it couldn't be proven that she had too many drinks to care for her child.

What do you think?

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