Sunday, July 19, is National Ice Cream Day. Where will you find Grand Junction's best?

According to Holiday Insights, National Ice Cream Day was established in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan. It always falls on the third Sunday of July. He also proclaimed July National Ice Cream Month.

You might be saying, "Hey, I thought December 13 was National Ice Cream Day." Actually, December 13 is simply Ice Cream Day.

Personally, ice cream isn't my thing. Most people, though, seem to love it. On the very rare occasion I find myself having ice cream, it's usually the variety that comes out of a machine at the all-you-can-eat buffet. If not that, then it's usually the variety you find at the grocery store in a pint for $1. You know, the store brand stuff on the bottom shelf.

Given the outlook for the weekend, perhaps we should all stock up on ice cream. Grand Junction's forecast suggest we'll all be enduring close to 100-degree heat through the weekend.

Grand Junciton weather for July 2020
National Weather Service

Since it's safe to say you probably enjoy ice cream, may I ask where you plan to celebrate National Ice Cream Day this Sunday? One of the local creameries? Maybe a Dairy Queen? Perhaps you're one of those stylish people who own an ice cream maker.

About a year ago we posted about the top four places for ice cream in Grand Junction according to Yelp!. The top five selections were:

  • Graff Dairy
    581 29 Road
  • Enstrom Candies
    701 Colorado Avenue
  • Crumbl Cookies
    2546 Rimrock Avenue
  • Gelato Junction
    2511, 449 Main Street
  • Cold Stone Creamery
    2474 Highway 6 And 50

Well, that's the top four according to Yelp! reviews. What about your picks? We've done this poll before, but new businesses have opened in Grand Junction since then. For our purposes today, shall we include the local gelato businesses and "do it yourself" yogurt shops? Please cast your vote for your favorite place. If I missed anyone, please write them in, and they'll be added to the list.

Downtown Grand Junction Businesses of Yesterday

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