Tomorrow, August 4, is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Many would argue that any day is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. For those who plan to celebrate, where can they expect to find Western Colorado's best cookie?

According to Holiday Insights, this "holiday" falls every August 4. While many choose to celebrate, in reality, the event is not backed by any Congressional records or presidential proclamations. It's one of those silly little events many choose to observe.

To what degree are chocolate chip cookies a part of the American way of life? According to Holiday Insights, the average American eats 18,928 cookies over the course of a lifetime. Granted, not all of those are chocolate chip. According to the Huffington Post, chocolate chip cookies are by far America's number one cookie of choice.

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Did you know there is a "National Chocolate Chip Day"? Yes, a day just for the chips themselves. It is celebrated each year on May 15. According to Holiday Insights:

National Chocolate Chip Day celebrates and enjoys sweet, tasty chocolate chips. Chocolate chips are a great invention, and certainly deserve a little recognition. After all, where would chocolate chip cookies, cakes and muffins be without the chocolate chip!?

Last year we conducted a survey asking you where one could find the best chocolate chip cookie in Western Colorado. The results, per your votes, were:

  1. The Baker's Boutique
  2. Be Sweet on West Main
  3. Homestyle Bakery
  4. Spoons
  5. Trailhead Coffee

That was a year ago. Since then, several new places, one being Crumbl Cookies, have opened in the valley. With the new businesses comes a new survey.

Do you plan to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day tomorrow? If so, where is the best place to go in Western Colorado? Cast your vote. If you don't see your choice, write it in, and I will add it to the list.


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