The American flag which typically flies on the Bookcliffs near Lincoln Point in Palisade is missing. At present, no one seems to know its whereabouts, or for that matter, why it was taken down. Flags have been donated to replace the one which went amiss. This, however, presents a new dilemma. Who will take the initiative to replace it?

Earlier this week, I wrote a post asking the question, "What happened to the flag that flies over the Bookcliffs near Palisade?" This question was submitted to the BLM, Palisade authorities, and a few civic leaders. Here's one response:

The flag on top of Mt. Lincoln is placed there by service organizations and not by the Town. I think that citizens from the Boy Scouts have done it, the Lions Club and the American Legion, but the Town has no involvement. Unfortunately, I’m not able to answer your question as to why it is missing." -  Frank Watt, Public Works Director, Town of Palisade

From there, the question went to Facebook, where it received several replies:


A special "Thank you" to Buck Bracken, the man who has made the effort to take care of the flag the last 20 years. It seems, however, it's time for Mr. Bracken to take a break.

So, this brings about the following conclusion: The flag needs to be replaced from time to time due to wind, elements, and possibly even vandals. So, who is going to take charge?

I'm in! I would be happy to donate a couple of flags to the cause. For that matter, I'll go up and replace it. Unfortunately, I don't know what size flag the existing flag pole accommodates. If you know, please relay that information. The flags on hand are 5 X 8.

It would also be helpful to know the best route to the flag pole's location. I've climbed Mt. Garfield a hundred times, but have never visited Mt. Lincoln. For that matter, I'm unfamiliar with the route up the back of the Bookcliffs.

Any volunteers? Let's get the flag back up there! The matter of materials is taken care of. What is really needed is a "prideful Palisade Resident" to keep an eye on it.

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