Do you remember THIS commercial? It's the Grand Junction Snake Charmer!

This is from 1995 for The Optical Center in Grand Junction. Still located at 1316 North Avenue, next to Papa John's and right across the street from Stocker Stadium.

I don't know who the man is in the commercial, other than 'The Snake Charmer,' that is. I would assume that he is an ophthalmologist that works there?

The thing about commercials is they don't have to FULL of facts and figures. Or a long list of items with another long list of prices. Those are not going to be memorable. But, THIS one stays with you for a long time. So, forget about production quality and the fact that the 'snake' is actually a rope. Really, couldn't they have used at least a FAKE snake? But, again that's not the point. This was 1995. Now, it's 2017 and I know you are relishing this vintage piece of film.

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