For those who prefer to vape rather than smoke, doing so in public could become a bit more difficult.

The House, Health and Insurance committee voted 10-1 in favor of stopping vapers from doing so indoors and within 25 feet of an entrance or exit door.

This presents a problem for those in the sale of the device if those interested in the product are unable to try them out in the shops. For those in the health industry, it is seen as a measure that will have health as well as social benefits.

Mesa County Public Health's Kelsey Fife was quoted as saying:

"There's a misunderstanding about what's in these vaping products, people seem to believe that it is water vapor"

Others believe it's the combustion that comes from normal cigarettes, not electronic ones that have detrimental effects on health.

There are many questions about vaping that have yet to be answered.

This measure is seen as one that will improve the overall health of the community by eliminating all possible irritants from buildings and entrances.

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