Utah is in 10th place for fast food eating contests according to Gambling.com but how does a state even qualify for that? 

Well, you have to have a history in the world of Major League Eating to start. States who have more food-eating contests and recognized champions, make the list. It’s a pretty interesting system that Gambling.com used to find the states with the best reputation for competitive eating.  

States were split into six categories to determine who was best: 

  • Native Major League Eaters 
  • Total Eating World Records 
  • Major League Eating Contests in 2023 
  • Man vs Food’ Eateries per capita 
  • Eateries Review Score 
  • Google Trends Score 

Nevada is the best state for food competitions with the highest combined score (in all categories) of 31.0. It boasts three Native Major League Eaters and 15 World Eating Records.  

Utah came in last on the list but managed one decent score; 85.1 on the Eateries Review Score. No, Utah can’t claim any Eating World Records, Native Major League Eaters, or Major League Eating Contests' but our state DOES have good eateries. The state scored a 42 on Google Trends and had a total score of 42. 

Since the U.S. is one of the top three countries in the world for eating contests, Utah should really try to up its game. Especially with all the yummy food the state has to offer. St. George has had small local eating contests, like the pumpkin pie massacre that happened at the Turkey Trot a few years ago.  

Utah could totally make some food-eating contest champs! 

Maybe a funeral potato eating contest or a fry sauce and burgers eating contest. I would LOVE to see that.  

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