To raise one million dollars is a lofty goal, but, how cool would it be to get there.

United Way of Mesa County launched it's annual fund-raising campaign this week and set the campaign goal at $1 million. It's not the first time it's set that as a goal, but if we get there, it will be a Mesa County first.

To get to the million-dollar goal, it's going to definitely take a community-wide effort. I talked to United Way of Mesa County Executive Director Zebulon Miracle this week, and  he emphasized the "power of numbers." They aren't asking people to necessarily give a large sum of money, but if everyone would do a little bit, the goal could easily be reached.

One of the ways United Way makes it easy and painless to donate is through their workplace campaigns in which you can designate a specific amount of money to be taken out of your check each week or each month. Some people do as little as $1 per paycheck, others do $5 or $10, and some do more. When that small amount of money comes out of your paycheck you never really miss it. Plus, the real bonus is you don't have to physically do anything each month to make the donation happen. It takes place automatically.

I know some people are skeptical when it comes to charitable giving. Where is that money really going?

Here's the answer. Miracle says every dollar raised in Mesa County stays in Mesa County. United Way provides funding assistance to some 27 agencies in the county covering more than 40 programs. That means some 50,000 people are helped in Mesa County through United Way funding.

There are a lot of fantastic charities in the Grand Valley and they all need financial support. Understandably, we all have to pick and choose which ones to support because we have only so many donation dollars available in our bank account. But, I am hoping you will make United Way of Mesa County one of the charities you support financially over the next 12 months.

If you would like to know more about the workplace campaign or how to make a one-time donation, visit the United Way website or pick up the phone and call the office at 970-243- 5364. I am hoping that a year from now I will be writing about how through the generous donations of the community United Way of Mesa County raised more than $1 million for the first time ever.

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