There are some extraordinary places in Colorado, and we went looking for those unique experiences you may have never had.

Everybody likes to soak in a hot spring, but when you're surrounded by the amazing views around Steamboat Springs, right by Hot Springs Creek, you have it all. When the snow falls, you can sit in 104-degree water and enjoy watching the snow collect everywhere. Except on you, you're in the hot springs!

8,000-year-old cliff drawings, dinosaur tracks and a lot more are yours when you head to Southeast Colorado to check out this place. Learn a lot more than you knew about the history of the state, and take the time to hike the trails. Better yet, try it on the back of a horse. Fun and learning at the same time. Priceless.

Maybe you like to enjoy seeing a new and unique area in a unique way. By train. And you can. A 64-mile day trip with some of the most amazing scenery anywhere. And you get to do it from a train. Travel in coach or first class and have a great time.

There you have three unique places to go, explore and enjoy, all a part of unique Colorado.

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