Firearms are one of those hot button subjects everyone has an opinion on, but what does the law say about them?

There are two statutes that it will be helpful for you to know.

Title 18 covers concealed carry laws. Basically, it states you can have a firearm in your car or on your person, but when in public, it must be in plain view. So, when you go into a restaurant and see someone sitting there with a holstered firearm, you can rest easy, knowing they are following the law. It also states that local jurisdictions may not make a law that changes this.

Weapons must not be loaded and can only be possessed by a person with a permit. This law also deals with muzzle loaded weapons.

The law states you may carry your firearm in a National Park, however it details where you may or may not discharge your firearm.

Contact your local Sheriff's office for information on how you can begin the process to obtain a concealed carry permit. Please note, it is not considered concealed when carried in your private vehicle or other private transportation.

Of course, with any questions or concerns, always contact the Sheriff in your area or call CSP at 303-239-4201

Carrying firearms is a right, not a privilege.

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