Where is Uncle Bud's Hut, and have you seen it lately? The word on the mountain is this hut is literally one of the coolest places in Colorado.

If you love the mountains, and if you're a strong skier with a taste for adventure, this location near Leadville, Colorado might be precisely what you're looking for.

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What Is "Uncle Bud's Hut" and Have You Seen It Lately?

Upon first hearing, Uncle Bud's Hut sounds like the creepy neighbor's place your mother told you to stay away from at all costs back when you were seven. This was the place you didn't accept candy from.

In reality, Uncle Bud's Hut in Colorado's San Isabel National Forest is anything but a hut. It's more of a spacious chateau sitting at 11,397 feet, with a fully stocked kitchen, community space, and of course, wood-burning stoves.

According to hutski.com, Uncle Bud's Hut, along with the Skinner Hut and Betty Bear Hut, "...allows travel west over Hagerman Pass to the Frying Pan drainage, thus forming a huge loop that strong skiers can enjoy." The website Backpacker lists it as one of "America's Best Huts."

The Layout of Uncle Bud's Hut

According to Powder Project, Uncle Bud's Hut features:

  • private bedroom with six beds
  • private bedroom with four beds
  • communal sleeping area with one double bed and four single beds
  • overall capacity = 16

Nearby Skiing

The website Powder Project shares a number of great skiing opportunities in the area:

  • For a big mountain climb (in good weather), tackle Galena Mountain Climb.
  • Saint Kevin's Gulch has several lines that are generally well-protected and below treeline.
  • Slopes off Point 12,313 combine an amazing summit with near-perfect skiing.
  • For a mellow tour, snowshoe, or nordic ski, the Colorado Trail is nearby and can be followed for hundreds of miles!

What's In a Name?

The "hut" was named in honor of 10th Mountain Division veteran Bud Winter, born in 1925. Winter was killed in action during World War II.

How To Find Uncle Bud's Hut

Hutski states the "hut" is easily accessible from Leadville, Colorado via a trailhead from Turquoise Lake Trailhead. The website adds this route is the perfect training ground for those new to backcountry skiing.

Uncle Bud's Hut Colorado map
Google Maps

For precise directions, Alltrails offers the following information:

Start at Timberline Creek Trailhead. Take the Colorado Trail to the north all the way to Bear Lake. A little further along the trail there is a trail on the right that connects the Colorado Trail to Uncle Bud’s cabin. It’s not on AllTrail’s map but it is a big, evident path. Take it all the way over the little stream and turn left up the road. At the top of the road there’s a little path on the right. Follow it and turn right at the T intersection where it levels out. Follow for a while then turn left when the path goes up. When you get to the top of the ridge you will see the cabin.

Who Cares?

I care. This location first caught my eye while searching for Colorado's Mosquito Range, the location of Colorado's first snowfall for the 2022-20223 season. Everyone called my dad "Uncle Bud." Why? I haven't a clue. His name wasn't Bud, and he certainly wasn't my uncle. His name was Arlie, and he was my dad.

This Must Be 'The' Place

Uncle Bud's Hut packs a perfect 5 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews. One glowing review reads, "The hut was very well taken care of, the wood was polished, and the outhouse was not as gross as I pictured."

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