The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has released statements concerning two sexually violent predators moving into Mesa County.

The two men, Christopher Stubblefield, 38 and Willie Privette, Jr., 38 both of Grand Junction have registered as sexually violent predators(SVP) with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office as required by registration laws.

A sexually violent predator according to the Sheriff's Office is a term used by the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board, who classifies a convicted sex offender with this additional descriptor. Variations on the definition of a violent sexual predator exist from one jurisdiction to another but generally is one where an individual was older than 18 and was tried as an adult.

The Sheriff's Office has also released a link for each man so that, if someone wants to know more information, including their new location they can find it there. According to the Sheriff's office:

The purpose of this notification is to enhance public safety and protection. Vigilantism, or use of this information to harass, threaten or intimidate anyone associated with this notification will not be tolerated.

The two men have completed the sentences handed down to them by a judge and are complying with the terms of their release.

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