Something very awesome is happening right now at a convenience store near Colorado Mesa University on North Avenue in Grand Junction. This generous act brings up two pressing questions.

The owners and crew at the Circle K at 10th and North Avenue have taken it upon themselves to offer a generous service during these arduous times. As the sign reads, "Free coffee, tea, and Polar Pop for all health care workers and first-responders." This strikes me as a very gracious offer for GJ workers struggling through a difficult time.

When I saw this sign, it brought two questions to mind:

  1. How does one prove they are a healthcare worker or first-responder?
  2. Since when did Circle K's come back to Grand Junction?

To find the answer to my first question, I went in and spoke to the manager. The answer is pretty cut and dry. To prove you are a healthcare worker or first-responder, simply say to the clerk, "Hey, I'm a healthcare worker" or "Hey, I'm a first-responder." That's it. You don't have to be in full riot gear or a surgical gown. Of course, with this in mind, it is clear we all have to be on the honor system. One could easily lie and claim to be among the group qualified to receive the offer. Let's all take the high road.

There are, of course, a number of stores and shops providing special offers similar to these. Keep your eyes and ears open for area deals.

Secondly, since when did the convenience store at 10th and North Avenue become a Circle K? I haven't seen a Circle K in Grand Junction since the 1980s. There used to be one at 1st and Chipeta back in the '70s and early '80s. We used to go to that store all the time because they had a KISS pinball machine. It eventually disappeared and the building went on to shelter several other businesses.

After speaking to the manager, it was learned this location at 10th and North Avenue has technically been a Circle K for a number of years. Why hadn't I noticed? They only recently changed the branding of the store. You'll notice a new and very temporary "Circle K" sign covering what I believe to have been a Diamond Shamrock sign.

Are there any other Circle K's in the valley? Yes, there are three. You'll find one at 29 1/2 Road and Patterson and one in Clifton. The location on Patterson just recently changed its branding to Circle K even though it has been owned by the company for some time. The Clifton location has operated under the name for the better part of three years.

If you are a first-responder or health care worker, please get your free coffee, tea, or Polar Pop at the 10th and North Avenue Circle K. Based on what I saw, the crew at the store are excited about this promotion.

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