Have an extra million dollars sitting around? If so, you can spend it on what's undoubtedly one of the coolest cars to ever tear up pavement. Yep, a replica of the Dark Knight's Tumbler Batmobile is now for sale.

According to the Guardian, James Edition (which calls itself the World's Luxury Marketplace) built the vehicle with the caveat that "this is not a daily driver." In other words, even though the car is street-ready and -legal, you'll probably want to save it for special occasions, like funerals or weddings, rather than take it out to the convenience store when you have a midnight run for Cheetos and Dr Pepper.

Still, how awesome would it be to cruise around the neighborhood in this thing? For starters, you'd definitely be the baddest ass dude around, right? We're not sure if women would be totally into it, but you'd certainly be the envy of every 14-year-old boy you pass.

The Guardian runs down some specs: "Four 44-inch tires with custom rims, a stereo with Bluetooth and iPod integration as well as a CD/DVD player, and five driver-assist cameras for those tricky supermarket parking spaces." Wait a minute . . . maybe you can take this thing to the store. But we're not sure how roomy the trunk is, so you may not have space if you're doing the weekly shopping. (It's not like Batman was doing that. Why do you think Alfred was around?)

The paper is quick to point out that the Tumbler -- which was seen in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, the only Batman movies that matter -- doesn't come with any weapons, unlike the one Bruce Wayne owns. Which kinda sucks. But you can bump some tunes when you take it out for a spin. Oh, and it's available only in black. Because duh.

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