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While I have never been a truck driver I have a lot of respect and appreciation for those who do put in the long hours hauling good for each of us to enjoy when often those drivers are away from their families. And with them spending so much time on the road I believe they are experts when it comes to road conditions and what to expect when traveling across the country.

This video popped up on my YouTube feed over the weekend and I had to click on it and after watching I wanted to share it with you.

The gentleman on the video goes by This Guy Trucks! on YouTube and does pretty well for himself with over 55,500 subscribers. He put a caption to the video that I thought was interesting saying he sees a lot of truck drivers in Colorado ignore the chain laws because roads often don't look bad enough but in this video, you will see just how important it is to follow all chain laws all the time, but it is especially true when on Colorado's I-70. A road that we all travel on often.

Take the time to go back through and read some of the comments made by other truck drivers, you will see lots of trucks with lots of experience saying how important it is to follow all chain laws. Speaking specifically to how dangerous these roads can be here in Colorado. So be safe and follow all laws when on the roadways.

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