Some folks had the chance to enjoy a concert before the concert when Travis Denning and the members of his band stopped by to play at a downtown Grand Junction business.

Check out the video above for a short excerpt from their performance a couple of weeks ago at J.B. Hart Music at 4th and Main.

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What Were They Up To?

Travis Denning was in town June 24 to perform at Country Jam. While passing through, he and the members of his band decided to stop by Hart Music and check out some gear.

Check Out the Minnie Pearl / Nigel Tufnel Action

There's nothing quite like playing a new guitar with the price tag dangling off of the headstock.

 Why No Drummer?

The "Drum Cave" at Hart Music is in the basement, so the drummer is probably there, you just can't see him.

What Are They Jammin' To?

To my ear it sounds like the solo section from Ramblin' Man by the Allman Brothers Band. I don't want to commit to that belief, mostly because I just finished our ASCAP report yesterday, and don't want to have to go back and adjust it to pay royalties. For our purposes today, let's just call this tune the "Hart Music Jam."

What's Next For Travis Denning?

It's going to be a busy summer for Travis Denning and crew. As a matter of fact, they're playing tonight, July 9, 2021, in La Crosse, Wisconsin. After that, they're on the road to:

  • Okoboji, Iowa - July 15
  • Oakland, Nebraska - July 17
  • North Lawrence, Ohio - July 23
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - July 29
  • Boston, Massachussettes - July 30
  • Westbrook, Maine - July 31

Thanks to the crew at Hart Music for shooting and sharing the video.

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