If you are an avid hiker, here's a hike you need to put on your bucket list - Trappers Lake.

Trappers Lake Hike is A Moderate Hike

Western Colorado offers a plethora of amazing hikes. Some are extremely difficult, some would be considered moderate, while others are considered extremely easy. I wouldn't consider the Trappers Lake hike extremely difficult because it's not a climb, though there are plenty of ups and downs. It's also not an easy hike - because of the length and because of multiple stream crossings that must be navigated.

Trappers Lake is one of the more beautiful lake hikes you can do in western Colorado. In the shadows of the Flattops and nearby mountains, the hike takes you on a trail 7 miles around the lake, across streams, through meadows of wildflowers, and plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife such a deer, moose, marmots, chipmunks, and bald eagles.

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Heading To the Forest

You'll find Trappers Lake halfway between Meeker and Yampa in the White National Forest - not quite a 3-hour drive from Grand Junction. If you want to make it a weekend, there is a lodge with cabins and also several campgrounds in the immediate vicinity.

Here is a look at my recent Trappers Lake hike. I hope these photos will inspire you to put the Trappers Lake hike on your hiking bucket list.

The Amazingly Beautiful Hike Around Trappers Lake

For hiking enthusiasts, a new hike is always exciting. There is the anticipation of what the hike will be like and what sights there are to be seen. The hike around Trappers Lake is a 7-mile jaunt that isn't difficult, just long. Multiple stream crossings could be challenging for some, but aside from that, it's not a difficult hike. You'll encounter beautiful scenery including meadows of wildflowers, towering mountains, and, maybe even some wildlife. Trappers Lake is less than three hours from Grand Junction and there are several campgrounds nearby as well as cabins at the lodge. If you're looking for a moderate hike and a change of scenery, I highly recommend the Trappers Lake Hike. I can't wait to do it again.

Gallery Credit: Zane Mathews


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