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Gas just keeps going up, and anything to do with a car keeps getting more and more expensive. That alone is making a weekend of Mountain Biking seem like a better idea all the time.

Mountain Bike Trails Near Grand Junction, Colorado

Living in Western Colorado is just about the best place you could be if you want to get out and enjoy trails of all types with your friends. Much like off-road trails and camping sites, there are trails all over the place. Some are official, some are made up, some may have never been there but our friends said there was a trail out there...

Be Prepared Before You Go Mountain Biking

A friendly reminder to make sure you check out each trail you are into riding before you go out on it. You'll need water and other supplies depending on how long the trail is and how long of a ride you want to take. Just remember to have fun and be sure to take a ton of photos. When you get back be sure to send us some screenshots of our hometown trails with our free station app. We will totally shout out to you if you do.

Tour the Grand Valley on These Mountain Bike Trails

Mountain Bike trails for all skill levels are waiting all over the Grand Junction area.

Construction on Colorado National Monument Trail Through October

There's construction on the Devil's Kitchen Trail now through mid-October. Here's what kind of work is being done to the trail on the Colorado National Monument.

You Can Rent a Cabin on the Ranch From 'Yellowstone' - See Pictures

The stunning Montana ranch that serves as the setting for the hit TV show Yellowstone offers cabins for rent, and the price includes tours of the set and ranch. Scroll below to see photos of the extraordinary property.

Do You Know These Odd Terms From the Colorado Urban Dictionary?

If you have ever seen the Urban Dictionary online, you know it can be pretty crude and disgusting. But, if you search deep enough you'll find some terms that you can relate to and appreciate. I'm not even sure how these terms ever came into existence, but over the course of time, they have been woven into the fabric of society. You'll find a number of Colorado terms in the Urban Dictionary along with their meanings and I decided to share a few of them with you, plus, I've added a couple of my own at the end.

Top Reasons Why Our Listeners Love Living in Grand Junction

We love living in Western Colorado and so do you. We asked the audience to tell us something they love about living in Grand Junction. Join in. You can use the chat button on our free mobile app to send in your response and we will add it to the list.

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