Where exactly does Grand Junction rank? Here's a list of Colorado cities that are 'spicing it up' in the bedroom.

The gang at roadsnacks.net are at it again. This time they have uncovered our deepest, darkest bedroom secrets. OK, well maybe not that deep, but they did do an interesting research study that does take a peek into some of our seductive secrets.

They simply based this top ten list on what kind of kinky purchases we make online from the Adult Novelty and Toy website - Adam & Eve.

Thought that was private information, didn't you?

They tracked these erotic purchases city by city to determine which ones are getting down. The findings are based on per capita purchases, it does not take into account the total number of purchases or the total dollar amount. Let's take a look:

First, where does Grand Junction stand? Just outside the top 10 at number 11. We stand at 1.03 purchases per 1,000 people. With a population hovering around 60,000, that's a decent amount of adult toys purchased online. But, that pales in comparison to some other Colorado cities on the list:

  • 10) Arvada - 1.2 
  • 9) Steamboat Springs - 1.34
  • 8) Denver - 1.42
  • 7) Wheat Ridge - 1.45
  • 6) La Junta - 1.53
  • 5) Avon - 1.77
  • 4) Littleton - 1.77
  • 3) Fort Morgan - 2.71
  • 2) Aspen - 2.93

1) Englewood - 4.27

I'm not sure if congratulations or condolences are in order for the folks in Englewood. There two ways to incorporate this information. Either couple is spending a lot of time together or there could be an awful lot of single, lonely people. Either way, we should just take this study with a grain of salt and a wink.

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