From your TV to Dre's Headphones, see if you agree with this list of the TOP inventions from the past 100 years!

I just ran across the NEW list of the top 100 inventions over the past 100 years and It includes the big ones, like TVs, computers, batteries, cell phones, and the Internet of course but there are also some on the list you might NOT expect. . .

Check out the full list online at Daily Mail

Some of the items I think are questionable:

  • Beats by Dre headphones,
  • The PlayStation one, two, AND four
  • The slinky
  • Palm Pilot
  • Twitter but NOT Facebook

Not that there is anything WRONG with them, I just don't know that they belong on the same list as something like the artificial heart, lie detector, the aerosol can, the electric can opener, the helicopter, kidney dialysis machines, disposable diapers, pagers, the remote-controlled car, and the Leatherman tool!

What do you think should NOT be on this list?

What do you think SHOULD be that isn't?


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