Do you suffer from any of these Colorado side effects?

The website has put together a list that they are calling the side effects of growing up in Colorado. Basically, it's things that may seem weird to outsiders, but not to those who grew up here. Yes, there are some basics differences between the Front Range and the Western Slope, but most of these are covered statewide.

Kick-ass field trips - a Class trip for lunch up on the Monument? No sweat, we do it every month. How about a ski day at Powderhorn?


Giving directions by referencing which mountain ranges. "No, drive towards the Bookcliffs." Or, "head straight for Mt. Garfield," or "away from the Monument." That's GPS. Rock formations.

Waylon Jordan

The sex talk isn't uncomfortable enough, but now you have to throw in the POT talk as well.

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No fast food burgers here. You'd rather hit a quick lunch at a Noodles & Company or Q'Doba. Even better, Chipotle.


We're sad when every day can't be exactly like this:


Some may call these weird or bizarre, but here, it's just the way that it is. And we love it.