Wouldn't it be great if you could sit down to a cup of coffee with the Grand Junction Police Department to ask questions and express your concerns? Your chance is coming up tomorrow and you should make every effort to attend.

Speaking from experience, attending the "Coffee With a Cop" meetings are the best thing you'll ever do. It's a chance to meet your local law enforcement officers face to face and discuss your concerns.

Personally, I make a point to attend all of these meetings. They roll around about four times a year, and they're always worth making time for. Here are five reasons why you should set aside an hour or two and participate:

  • No speeches or agendas, just questions and your chance to express concerns
  • The coffee really is good
  • Chance to ask questions in an informal setting
  • It’s an opportunity to discuss matters that don’t necessitate a call or visit to the Police Department
  • It’s a great opportunity to connect with local law enforcement

The next "Coffee With a Cop" get-together is coming up Tuesday, May 16, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the HopeWest coffee shop, the Artful Cup. Between you and me, I'm not familiar with this coffee house. Where will you find it? The Artful Cup is located at 3090 N. 12th Street. See, it's a chance to visit with local law enforcement and try out a local business.

the Artful Cup map
Google Maps

In this case, there's an extra little perk (pun intended) to enjoying coffee with a cop. Proceeds from any purchase you make benefits HopeWest programs for children and teens. Drink up!

Here's your chance to ask the police the questions which have been on your mind while getting to know your local officers better. "Coffee With a Cop" is the perfect opportunity to keep your neighborhoods safe, be proactive, and work in cooperation with your law enforcement officers.

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