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I hope you are all working on your stomach stretches in preparation to eat your body weight in mashed potatoes, because Thanksgiving is right around the corner. While you are trying to “turkey trot” your way out of that extra holiday weight, you may as well shop these Thanksgiving essentials on Amazon to make this annual feast the best one yet.

  1. Potato Masher

This convenient, hand-held masher will fulfill your potato mashing dreams. Not only does Amazon advertise it with the description of, “Makes Light and Fluffy Mashed Potato Perfection,” but it is listed as a ‘Best Seller.’ You simply cannot go wrong with one of these stainless-steel helpers.

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  1. Wine Glass Charm Set

Don’t even begin to pretend that these Thanksgiving-themed wine glass charms aren’t the cutest things you have ever laid eyes upon; and also, don’t pretend that you won’t be drinking a tall glass of vino over the holidays. These magnetic glass buddies will add character to any Chardonnay, Cabernet or Moscato that you might be serving.

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  1. Thanksgiving Lighted Fall Garland

Perfect for adding a little flare to a centerpiece, mantle or fall display, this LED autumn garland will have any household ready to feast. This leafy set of lights are battery operated, and will light up your home just in time for the “fall-idays.”

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  1. Benson Mills Harvest Tablecloth

Available in the colors of rust, ivory, gold or black, this tablecloth will add not only an additional decoration to your Thanksgiving collection, but it will aid in the easy clean-up of the banquet aftermath.

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  1. Obviously, a Baster

What’s Thanksgiving without a good baster? This specific unit is 'Amazon’s Choice,' and it even comes with a cleaning brush and extra tip. Make your turkey basting experience a whole lot easier, and order this baster now.

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