Does this text look blurry to you? I have an easy solution for you that I'm really happy I had done.

One of the best things I've ever done was get LASIK eye surgery, and now eye see perfectly.

Before I always looking everywhere for my glasses and when I finally found them they were too dirty to see out of. What a pain. Here are some of the great reasons why I got LASIK surgery.

1. Strange noise in the night?

Now I don't have to try to find my glasses to see that it was just a dog and not the chupacabra!

2. Like to play sports?

After my LASIK surgery I could play sports without my glasses falling off, giving my opponent that unfair advantage in the middle of a challenge!

3.Like to go Shooting?

Now I don't need to find my glasses to shoot that intruder in the middle of the night, or to sight in at the Dynamite Shoot!

4. Shave much?

This one may sound strange, but men how would you like to shave your sensitive areas without being able to see clearly? It's not like you can wear your glasses in the shower!

5. Applying make-up?

Don't laugh, but imaging me sitting on my bathroom counter with my face practically plastered to the mirror so I can apply my make-up! That's what I looked like before I had LASIK surgery! The bad part was the handles on my make-up brushes were too long, I couldn't get as close as I needed to the mirror to see!

If you're looking to get LASIK surgery, I highly recommend our partners at Icon LASIK, they very friendly, knowledgable and make you feel comfortable.

My husband filmed the video above while they were doing mine.

This post was produced in collaboration with our advertising partner Icon LASIK.