Forget the terrible twos, here are the top 5 reason my three-year-old son is a jerk!

1. At two he cried and I kissed his boo-boos, at three he screams bloody murder and won't let me console him because, "I'n a big boy, I'n alwhite!"

2. At two he wanted cars at the grocery store, at three he wants candy, cookies, and cupcakes and . . .  the list goes on!

3. At two you can help them do things, saving time. At three they insist they can do it themselves and they take F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

4. At two he was impressed with the box it came in, at three he thinks he need his own computer or wants mine ALL the time!

And the number one reason my three year old is a JERK is going to make me seem like a horrible mom.

5. At two they can barely talk, at three they never stop! This week, every five minutes, my three-year-old has to tell me he loves me. And while all of you are saying AWWW, I'm forcing a smile and telling him I love him too even though this is the 500th time I've heard it.

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