Colorado Parks and Wildlife took an amazing timelapse video from July through November 2018. They set up an unbaited camera in front of a prairie dog burrow and the result is amazing.

One prairie dog burrow sure gets a whole lot of visitors. It's honestly hard to keep track of how many different kinds of animals make an appearance in the video.

I see some black-footed ferrets, who are currently endangered in Colorado and is North America's only native ferret. After the ferrets, I see a coyote and then a herd of deer.

After the coyote, there's a badger, then an owl. Then some rabbits stop by and a skunk too. I'm not sure if these prairie dogs have an open burrow policy or not, but they seem to get a lot of company.

This is all a part of CPW partnering up to test an edible plague vaccine, which will hopefully help the engaged black-footed ferret. The burrow is connected to so many other animals, so it makes sense to vaccinate the prairie dogs.

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